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Respect our planet

100% completely CO2 neutral triathlon

CO2-neutral certified

Responsibility for its CO2 emissions, instead of shifting it to society

Our vision is to be one of the first CO2-neutral triathlons in the world, both for the organization and for the motorized transport it generates.
Wherever possible, we avoid or greatly reduce our CO2 emissions. We offset unavoidable emissions in a climate protection project in the Third World.
Our Ostbelgien Triathlon is certified CO2-neutral.


Website of the CO2 Neutral Label:

Travel smart

More than just mobile

In order to limit the CO2 emissions caused by the travel traffic of our Ostbelgien Triathlon as much as possible, we use a new and innovative web and mobile application from our partner organisation FAHRMIT. An intelligent algorithm enables participants and spectators, whose travel data coincide, to network for carpooling.

Through common interests, carpoolers will meet many inspiring people on their way to our Ostbelgien Triathlon.

Link to the travel portal:

Website of Fahrmit:


No waste (bins) !

Garbage bin is synonymous with waste. To avoid the content, we simply removed the containers, on the whole area of our Ostbelgian Triathlon.

Why ?

Because we're mean !

Just kidding. We do not want to outsource the garbage problem further by subsequent garbage separation, but simply proactively avoid producing waste at its source. We ask participants and spectators to check in advance what they bring with them and what usually ends up as waste in our area. And either not to bring it at all, or to take it back home.

Don't panic, for the athletes, there are of course waste areas at the bike and running aid stations! Anything thrown away outside these waste areas will be punished with a yellow card and a time penalty in the penalty box :-)

"Noble scrap" wanted

Too good for the trash can, too bad for eBay

This year, the SOS-Fahrradwerkstatt in Eupen offers cycling services during our Ostbelgien Triathlon. Outside the transition zone there is a free and guarded bicycle parking for participants and visitors. Here you can safely park your bike in the style of a "bicycle locker". If necessary, a free security check of the bike is included. There is also a charger for electric bikes. A mobile repair shop will be available for participants. From morning to evening, a mechanic will be on site to carry out minor repairs.

As all these services are free and voluntary, the SOS-Fahrradwerkstatt is happy to accept "special" donations during our triathlon. Visitors and participants can give their bike parts that they no longer need. Under the motto "still too good for the trash can, but too bad for eBay", this noble scrap will supply the local circular economy.

The entire project is part of the recycling concept that the SOS-Fahrradwerkstatt has been running for many years as a social enterprise.

Website of SOS-Hilfe V.o.G.:

C2C T-Shirts

More with less for better

Our TRIGEMA Change® athletes and volunteer T-shirts are environmentally friendly, made from 100% organic cotton and Cradle to Cradle® certified. They are designed according to nature's model, in closed cycles that produce no waste, and are fully compostable.

Our volunteers have an unrestricted right of use for the entire life of their T-shirts. For resource saving reasons, this year's volunteer T-shirts will be reused in future editions of our Ostbelgien Triathlon. Once worn out, we take them back as owners, to ensure the final composting.

Worn T-shirts of athletes can also be returned at future participations :-)