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Concerning accomodations we refer to the local tourism organizations

Ostbelgien Triathlon Camping

For the first time we offer the possibility to stay overnight on our campsite under the following conditions:

Opening hours:

From Saturday 03/08 10 o'clock to Sunday 04/08 20 o'clock


  • A pre-registration is not necessary and possible. If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat at the competition area of Ostbelgien Triathlon. In case of absence, please contact the Visitor Centre Wesertalsperre.
  • The use of the campsite is free of charge.
  • The entire meadow at the foot of the tower of the Wesertalsperre Visitor Centre (see map) can be used to pitch tents. There is no pitch numbering. Each camper freely chooses his location within this meadow, taking into consideration and respecting the other campers.
  • Vehicles have to be be parked on the public asphalted parking lot, and may in no case be parked on the meadow directly beside the tent. Do not drive the car or heavy vehicles on the meadow, not even to load or unload.
  • There is no electricity on the campsite.
  • A campfire or barbecue is not allowed on the campsite. Glasses may not be used because of the danger of glass breakage, as the meadow is used by animals that could be injured by broken glass.
  • Please note that the campsite is open to everyone at all times. Valuables should not be left unattended. The Ostbelgien Triathlon as well as the operator of the Visitor Centre Wesertalsperre do not take any responsibility in case of theft or damage.


  • The entire area of the Ostbelgien Triathlon is considered a garbage-free zone. For this reason there will be no waste containers on the campsite. We therefore ask you to assess before your visit what kind of garbage could potentially be produced during your stay and to try not to bring this garbage with you, or otherwise to take it home and leave your campsite as you found it.
  • We endeavour to offer you a tidy camping site within the framework of an ecological overall concept. We hope that you respect our concept, your fellow human beings and our common environment.

Toilets and showers:

  • The outside toilets of the Visitor Centre Wesertalsperre (see map) are accessible around the clock and must be left in a clean condition.
  • Showers are available around the clock in the red tents at the foot of the tower of the Wesertalsperre Visitor Centre (see map). Attention, these showers are also used by the participants of our Ostbelgien Triathlon after the respective competitions.


  • During the day you can safely park your bikes in the guarded "Bike Wardrobe" of the SOS- Fahrradwerkstatt on the competition area of the Ostbelgien Triathlon.
  • During the night from Saturday to Sunday you can safely park your bike in a locked garage close to the campsite. This bicycle garage is locked on Saturdays at 10 pm and reopened on Sundays at 7 am.


Pets are allowed. Please, keep dogs on a leash.

General rules of conduct:

  • After 22.00 o'clockl the night's rest has to be respected
  • On Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. onwards at the Wesertalsperre Visitor Centre. On Sunday morning, sandwiches will be served in the tavern of the Wesertalsperre Visitor Centre from 7.30 a.m. onwards.
  • Questions or remarks? Please, inform you in the secretary's office of our Ostbelgien Triathlon, we are with pleasure helpful to you and wish you a pleasant stay!